Peter Skrzynecki

Deb Matthews-Zott Reviews Peter Skrzynecki

Peter Skrzynecki is renowned for his poetic rendering of migrant experience, over three decades, and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia 'for his contribution to multicultural literature' in 2002. His Immigrant Chronicle (1975) is a prescribed text for the New South Wales HSC, which has ensured continued exposure for Skrzynecki's poetry, as well as sales of over 20,000 for Immigrant Chronicle.

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Day Stay

Whether you’re there for an hour or the whole day it’s always like returning home— to that room in Immunology where you’ve spent so much of the past year. With its two beds and three armchairs,TV and handbasin it brings …

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Buddha, Birdbath, Hanging Plant

Three things stopped him in his stride when he stepped out into the garden – three things under the great peppercorn that he planted years ago: the statue of a Buddha, a birdbath and a plant in a basket hanging …

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