Mitchell Welch

Undercover at Battery Point

Gritty realism playing solo fruit box bongo on flagstone stairs and heavy awnings reduces the morning to a wet/dry sequence cosying in doorways, dot-dot-dashing under drooping canopies of parasols flanked with oversaturated slashes of synthetic pelt. Concessionaires in their snug …

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Pollo a la Brasa

I’m a yellow bird balanced on his rotisserie, cock-eyed for your triglycerides. I’m an ex-demo model upholstered in the fatty jacket of his own tanned hide. We cross the road and get to the other side. In the dark you …

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(Be)fore and Aft(er)

Timespace accords to boat motion. Am I too bored to miscast a concept? : Boat motion accords to timespace. Motiontime arcs to boatspace? Cod Race to be static in doom. A compost Rots at bio-pace in me. Coma cots dot …

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