Megan Kaminski

‘What would happen if Nature was given the chance to speak? How gentle would she really be?’ Sophie Finlay Interviews Megan Kaminski

Three sisters in the form of a conceit, branch from one another like the limbs of a tree. Three personifications of nature speak from the depths of allegory, rewriting themselves and in the process, reveal our entanglements with the more-than-human world.

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poems from Fortuna

*the children* I pack parcels into days long-spent sullying memories stacked on shelf night floods promises misfed remnants raven-feather swamp-bound unwholesome came first then fire then yellow sand threadbare thorn-sodden my hands my eyes my far-flung cries mingling with weeds …

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*the birds*

In the sky we float our fancies catching drafts off flat facades upward using warmth spread black wings wide hooking sky float delicious blue scatter we pither here near there for softer homes in cooler climes seeding whispers promissory notes …

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*the children*

I smell jasmine and salt taffy. Pink scents permeate the bedroom flowered wall-to-wall small buds blossomed. Blue night draws dark streaks from the lagoon, calm water calling toes and ankles. Not abandoned and not remembered, waiting in this damp place. …

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