Sophie Finlay

Sophie Finlay is a visual artist and poet based in Melbourne (Naarm). Her poetry is published in multiple journals including Meanjin, Australian Poetry Journal, Cordite Poetry Review and Shaping the Fractured Self, UWAP. She is a member of the editorial team at Plumwood Mountain journal and has also been a finalist in several art prizes including the prestigious John Leslie Art Prize.

‘What would happen if Nature was given the chance to speak? How gentle would she really be?’ Sophie Finlay Interviews Megan Kaminski

Three sisters in the form of a conceit, branch from one another like the limbs of a tree. Three personifications of nature speak from the depths of allegory, rewriting themselves and in the process, reveal our entanglements with the more-than-human world.

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water knocks in waving columns and capillaries constrict bark cloven and I trace pain with my fingers sugar feeds roots and the fungal network they vowel in a language I’ll never access this cloudy web – the mycelium bark and …

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