Mary Ann Samyn

Who Are the New Saints and What Are their Miracles

In the middle of the extremely on-time experience, I kept feeling late. Did someone say “paradox”? Did someone mean “wallowing”? Did anyone hear me chirp in the museum? One guard looked over; one looked sad. Situation in Yellow: my cheek …

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Everything Sounds almost Right in Poems

Or do I mean poetry? If I had a schedule, I'd expect the train to whistle on cue, which is does though I don't. Took me what felt like all afternoon to tie transparent thread around the neck of a …

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On the Day that You Were Born the Angels Got Together

What is it about Karen Carpenter and prose poems? The moment I remembered her-or rather, the moment I remembered myself singing her songs-I knew I was inside a prose poem. Karen was famously anorexic, but I'd need space to spread …

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