Janet Reinhardt

playing with Justin Bieber’s baby

(a loose oulipo transformation) you know she loves mean she knows you care (woe, a hah) she shouts whatever and you’ll be there (woe, a hah) you are her lowboy she is your heat she will never ever ever be …

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from Urban Truths

1. They ride in on the dot.com boom of Singapore. Their tri-level penthouse is superbly appointed. Perfect for entertaining. It's got both position and potential and, due to a built in custom made elevator, they never endure the terrible purgatory …

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Seducing Hemingway

Leventado He hesitates outside Harry’s; contemplates an absinthe? a martini? no matter what matters is the girl making a slow pass across thwe room, her full, red skirt trailing behind her. She has the tight sprung look of a young …

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