Ivy Alvarez

Sisters, 1907 (1907년, 자매들)

We are dandelions on the grass. Pale and slight, any breeze might blow us away. All around us, the vines obscure the harsh lines of stone steps          angular borders Behind apron and pinafore, our small hands work in our pockets: a …

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Zombie 2.0

We know more about the undead species who have lived in our hearts and dined on our minds than ever before. We have probed into their weaknesses, evaded their tricks and know well of their canny (and uncanny) chicanery. We know these things … because they were once like us. Let us not rest on our laurels. Let us be vigilant and as ready as we can be for the uneasy future that is Zombie 2.0.

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Curing the Animal

My husband hands me the animal. A soft neck roll and a dead eye, a lustreless fur that I must touch to strip and salt and peg to dry. He is away all the day in the dust. a eucalypt …

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The Pastoralist Speaks

At the edge of the close-cropped lawn laps the drought, thirsty tongue all out. Every change of name pocks its mark. A scratch of smallpox on a survivor. The squatters clear a small place. A tongue licks dry lips. A …

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accretion to smuggle

(The Everyday English Dictionary)   secret: I have stolen things — bricks an old mortarboard handfuls of cement dust smuggled in my pockets   city: everyone and their cats and dogs the press of legs accretions of noise dirt smog …

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An urban dictionary: I

I pops my colla I pulled a boner I pity the fool I owned you I obliterate someone I pressed the button I plain just don't care about them I missed the part where that's my problem I remember Cecil …

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there’s only ever been two

in our eyes' dilatory dance our irises open admit missed steps faults it marks the corona every break is here dot dot dash your bones' brittle semaphore tattoo out how far you fell how much we have a third between …


That Second Heart

I cannot accept it. How can one be ready for this gift? My belly cannot curve to tightness, my skin cannot hold a drum (that second heart). I cannot accept it – limbs bursting buds. I cannot have the end …


Q&A with Nick Carbó

Nick Carbó is the author of three books of poetry, El Grupo McDonald's (1995), Secret Asian Man (2000), and Andalusian Dawn (2004), and the editor of three anthologies of Filipino and Filipino-American literature, Returning a Borrowed Tongue (1995), Babaylan (2000), …

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Q&A with Denise Duhamel

The first time I met Nick Carbó and Denise Duhamel was, by chance, in a setting appropriately domestic: the laundrette. I left them to their spin cycle and drip dry, but not before arranging to interview them (separately) in their …

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Postcard from Cardiff

I sought it here, I sought it there, I sought it everywhere. It is a sad, but true fact. There are no visible Internet cafes in Cardiff. So when I finally discovered a few terminals at Maccas in the Queen Street mall area, it was a dubious turn of events.

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Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson is science fiction Pauline Hanson is correct Pauline Hanson is science fiction by Ian Woolf Pauline Hanson is wrong Pauline Hanson is a warning that the betrayals by the old organisations of the working class Pauline Hanson is …

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