Man About Town

By | 1 April 2010

who turns up to every party
late and slow
and seeks the bar
with an ant eater for a face

who shakes but does not dance
who barely keeps sentences together
but instead leaves them
spread out between mouths
like washing hanging
on string between
old buildings in Europe

who makes up every dollar
he's ever earned, who tears tissues
with earthy fingers
and fills the salad bowl with
the smell of rats

who is found hugging a pot plant
after the music stops,
who does not want to go home
and tried to eat every handshake

who wears American
highway-cop sunglasses and passes
out on the couch
between conversations, whose
pants come with black hole pockets
for small change and fivers

who hits on girls in posters
and leaves lichen-like drool
on fluffy pillows where a little sister
was to sleep that night

who is found the next morning
in the stairwell, stinking of the grave
and undergoing a terrible chrysalis
and twitching.

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