The State of the Union

By | 1 July 1998

Billed as the State of the Union Address
to state the state of Bill’s union or
preferably the state of Bill’s non-union
Bill’s State of the Union Address prayed
closed its eyes & thought of Hillary
while looking Saddam Hussein in the lens.
So everyone, but everyone wanted to know
how far the President would have to go
how far the President had already gone.
Had Monica Lewinskied Bill Clinton or
had Bill Clintoned Monica Lewinski?
Instead of going the whole Lewinski
perhaps Monica just Monicaed Bill—
one & the same as Monicaing Clinton.
Bill mightn’t have got any more out of it
if he’d gone the whole Lewinski but
Monica might have got more out of it
if she’d gone the whole Clinton
Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.
Depends on whether or not she thought of
Monicaing as Lewinskiing with lipstick.
Anyway, who cares, who cared? Everyone
& no-one once the Navy was on its way
the Lewinski aircraft carriers carrying
Lewinski bombers carrying Lewinski bombs
smart or maybe not-so-smart bombs
some dud bombs, dumb bombs, dumbos
depending on whether they thought with
their Lewinskis or with their Monicas.

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