Hawke for Hawke

By | 1 July 1998

Hawke’s grandparents for Hawke. Hawke’s parents for Hawke.
Hawke’s special relationship with Hawke’s mother (for Hawke).
Hawke’s special relationship with Hawke’s father (for Hawke)
& Hawke’s father’s special relationship with God (for Hawke).
Hawke’s special offer of his picture book to any purchaser of
ten or more copies of THE HAWKE MEMOIRS all signed by R J Hawke.
Hawke’s scholarships & Hawke’s Rhodes Scholarship for Hawke &
now the Robert James Lee Hawke Open Scholarship (for Hawke).
Hawke’s drinking. Hawke’s drinking records. Hawke’s drinking
to anyone who’ll drink to Hawke. Cheers. Bottoms up. To A A.
Hawke as advocate for Hawke & the Australian Council of Trade Unions.
Then Hawke as President of the ACTU for the ACTU (& for R J Hawke).
Hawke’s affairs that would have remained only Hawke’s affair
if Hawke hadn’t cried about them in prime time to win votes.
Bill Hayden as Minister for Foreign Affairs & Governor General—
quite literally Bill Hayden for Bob Hawke as Prime Minister.
Concensus for Hawke. Hawke at the centre of his own concensus.
Hawke’s special relationship with perms & hairdressers (& mirrors)
& cricketers & yachtsmen & golfers & punters & tycoons (& mirrors).
Hawke’s special (if not unique) relationship with dinkum Aussies &
his own signature & autograph books of all shapes & sizes (for Hawke).
Hawke’s special international relationship with The Greater Israel
with Lebanon, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights &
with Hawke’s & Bush’s U S of A & Hawke’s & Gorby’s old U S S of R
& Hawke’s very very special relationship with none other than Hawke
in full frontal crying over Chinese tanks pulping Hawke’s Chinese
as Hawke would cry over spilt memoirs hawked, remaindered & pulped—
Hawke morally outraged & Greatly moved by the morally outrageous &
working himself up into a frenzy of rhetorical snot trailing down
like the Red Flag hanging limp over the last of the Red Flags—
that rendezvous with History if not with Destiny for Hawke
& The Silver Bodgie & Old Silver & old R J if not J C Hawke
old (Bob for no jobs) Robert James Lee Hawke (for Hawke).

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