Looking Back on th Sixties

By | 1 January 1998

lust pure lust
beyond persuasion
beyond ego beyond gender
kids are a trip
& a vicious skipping rope
drowned geoff in two inches of water
somewhere up in th blue mountains
last to take off his undies at nimbin
waylaid by smack
held up by suicide
I chased him to th railway bridge
d own past th R.E.
he told me to fuck off or he’d smash me
once he was good & angry at me
I left him
he drove my car down th steepest hill in brisbane
cracked a concrete post, this ex-major watering his lawn comes over to get geoff
out of th mangled wreck, geoff tells him
‘fuck off’
‘it’s all blue in here’ he tells us
in his blue hospital pyjamas
we we re on magic mushrooms
next bed this old guy is examining his cock
his mother tells him sharply
‘put it away’
my lovely terri who took my brother to bed
after long intimate draws at chess
had her arms around a suicide
angel to him devil to me
in th next room unable to sleep
I think of how terri fell out of her dress
me at my typewriter staring out th window
then turning to her
buttons flying
h ow about a fuck she said
couldn’t we go out first he said
movies she said
but I want to talk he said
about previous sexual experience she asked
I’m clean he said
how come he’s so sure she thought
I’m a widower he said
are you still in love she said
he took her to bed

are you going to move in with me & my five kids or what she said you’re kidding he said
yeah but you panicked she said
I like it just here he said
stamp-collector she said

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