Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean

By | 1 July 1997

It is hard and true my father smokes/drinks/works so hard and we’ve
seen his kidneys in the rich light of his bloody body seen his skin peeled
and pinned have said goodbye once have passed him the pills that keep
him together keeps him with us sweet white liquid mixed in milk I used
to splice his pornos so they’d get stuck in the video come home later than
me as confused about what is good what is high conduct appropriate
feminine masculine man father husband keeping the whore the virgin
separate I am Athena head-born to you don’t die dad don’t die you’ve not
seen what I can do this is the last minute the last choice chooses to
burn drown come Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean oci da katso na skaso laughs
he laughs at things still gets giddy and awed I am a different joy sober
contentment home family sits beside his wife watching sit com sit com
oddity sit still straight where I can see you old man old old bald sick
terminal man your grave is dug sit so we can measure and commiserate
wouldn’t hurt you to exercise If my dad could talk really really talk as
well as he taught his girl he’d say fuck that fuck you oci da katso na skaso
the heart will beat till he unplugs it with his own trembling hand
trembles with cold fear thin thin blood and laughter

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