By | 1 October 2015

Boy who smells like fish with a leather jacket, piercings and rings came and sat next to me, he started writing poetry in his Moleskine. He has written “your light radiates through me/but I am empty/I know my feelings are true.” On the opposite page he has a shopping list, all I can read is “small nice protein powder”

Think i’m talking to an undercover cop on craiglist but i suppose i am eager to make frends of all shapes and sizes. Imagine if the craiglist undercover cop took a real liking to me and decided he wanted to be my bodyguard forever, protect me from everything at all costs. I’m not the one who sent every craiglist 420 man an email. that was my boyfriend. but now he’s asleep so I have to deal with all these incoming emails about Fire Ass Weed.

Every man always say Don’t do that to my non-stick pan my expensive pan! Anna! Don’t misconstrue my words and use them against me!

Then man insults me and I reply I am the product of three miscarriages and was born on my dead grandfathers birthday I say that there is no life running through me, only death


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