By | 1 November 2018

Fingers slick with smell,
hippocampus trick filling gaps.
From tram stop to rooftop, a kiss
still fresh on lips. This love’s been
all spanners, heaps to work out—
work through smuggled touching

between seats. Duration deficit:
twenty-six ’til the 96, hit snooze
times five. Maribyrnong walks and mud
on shoes, I’m on my way. Sneaking in,
I’m on my way: ETA unknown. You say
you’re with me. Nail-biter, make me
lightheaded—limbs weaved, must I bear this

wait? I need to learn how to trust
when you’re not there.

Faraway daze, covet constancy.
Microsecond split, I am too
in my head. 7.25 ’til showtime—
the next stage in my view.
Wurundjeri then Whitehall,
bridge over river. Last one before
the long one, amygdala multi-shot.
Double latte, stolen breakfast:
10.16 won’t seem that late.

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