nothing happens in the burbs

By | 1 February 2018

we lay in bed talking about nothing
till two came stomping up the stairs
raging on about nothing
one hot on his heels
what did you do to him?

after breakfast you put music on
Adele, Sam Cooke, Joe Cocker, Emilie Sande
they had nothing in common
but us
eleven a.m. on a Saturday
dancing barefoot in the kitchen
pretending there was nothing
going on

i lolled between one and two
while you did nothing in the garden
got two’s help to move it to the garage
nothing in the fridge so we cobbled something together
nothing on tv so we watched an expert panel
arguing vehemently about nothing the government
was doing nothing about while we shook our heads
knowing nothing would change

slouching on the couch
nothing between us
but the dog
eight feet in the air
a howl and crash from upstairs
what happened??!
in unison, too quick
what was that all about? nothing at all

we split a cider
yours straight from the bottle
mine from a champagne flute
making an occasion out of nothing
till we went to bed, in no hurry
we had nothing on

and there is nothing, absolutely nothing
i would change

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