Multim in Parvo

By | 1 January 2004

This mower was designed to mow between gravestones.
Or mark out tennis courts.
With little, much.

Zephyr maims electric dream organs.
Three monadic organs.
Art-Noveau organ.

Neanderthals all along.
Acolytes wading river.
Dogs hooking up.

Invasion of the short fiction acolytes.
Fuzzy logic hooking up mayhem
to Triangle Fraternity's event horizon.

Not even any good puns for this one.
What does mip in mip mapping mean?
The Latin rhetorical term.

Multim in parvo mapping is a texturing technique
used to improve the visual quality.
A lot of dog in a small space.

Ignores shape change of inverse pixel.
But allows size to vary.
A lot of dog in a little dog.

The organ was designed within the framework.
Essentially it was a heeling dog.
Simple bilinear interpolation from neighbors.

Pre-compute an image pryamid
texture mapping a sample program
specifying the texture texture.

Other colored liquid may be used
condensed into a small compass of phrase and fable
like the regular Multim in Parvo.

Nice wrinkle, lovely head, nice eye
and a cheeky little thing in the bargain.
Out of small beginnings come great things.

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