On the web that farms

By | 1 October 2020

“Microtargeting lets campaigns tap Facebook’s vast caches of data to reach specific
audiences with pinpoint accuracy, going after voters in certain neighborhoods, jobs and
age ranges, or even serving up ads only to fans of certain television shows or sports teams.”
— Nancy Scola (2019)

Each push atop, I give in and get ready.
My feed’s replenished and I know I’m set.
“One skim, one like, one share,” I say
But in each click, I tap a new that’s born.
Like eggs that drop each one I catch,
To harvest all posts became my job.
I’m a pawn in a game, I’m a game all-caught
In one tap, one read, and one mail on the web.

Hardly did I know as I’m fed such fun,
Its stock feeds off data under my nose.
Ring-fenced? Not sure,
I ticked “yes” to its terms. I likely must have read
“Codependence” in the fine print and a hurry
I see Left on its right-side panel,
Stretches of truth from CNN-Trending
CNN Philippines shares otherwise.

Its curator, which an AI is in command,
Chose shoes, blocked foes, picked my
Nachos, voted machos –
Enlisted me in their murders that news summed in three letters.

Without any ado, I took part in the deceit and guilt,
One look, one click, I now check dupe.
I’m a pawn in a game, but I’m not yet all-caught.
In one tap, one read, I call on:
When will owners desist inviting
Flocks with herdsmen
That pull the wool over our eyes?

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