By | 1 October 2020

Funny peculiar
not funny haha


has the most to lose
from white smoke

and breaking bread
how the grocer’s daughter

ought to bare knuckle
on scabbed over grass, yet finds herself

whilst the canary chokes

hits the cage floor
with a blind thump

working men are hit with bricks
thrown from the sky

each one wrapped in Christmas paper
and tied with string

a tag swinging

Funny peculiar
Not funny haha

That the Cold War
was a carry on

A Hollywood rom-com
starring Ronald Reagan

even Sting was on the payroll
hoping those Russians loved their children

too. Me too.

Funny peculiar
That Michael Parkinson, even,

had his phone tapped
on the picket lines

I listened
as the brass band tuned up

emptying spit valves without thinking
on the concrete

I did not go and see your film
I left it to someone else to pick

through the rubble
to try and get you out

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