By | 1 October 2020

i. A.P. 11March20 9:08PM EST POTUS is expected in his televised Oval Office Coronavirus address to the nation to announce that he has negotiated the Best Deal Ever with Jeff Bezos. Amazon’s leveraged buyout of the US Government will turn over management of the pandemic including sale plus delivery of all services and goods — not just food or medicine. Mr. Bezos will become President — at least until January 20 following November’s election. Mr. Trump will receive a 10% finder’s fee plus 8% of all profits.

ii. A.P. 11March20 11:13PM EST – President Trump, who appeared under the weather and short of breath during his eleven-minute Oral Office address two hours ago, had a sudden respiratory arrest and died 10:29PM EST in the East Wing living quarters of the White House. Vice President Pence, who was sworn in by the Chief Justice, is looked at by Las Vegas as an odds-on favorite to defeat ex-Vice President Biden. Unlike the financial markets, his stock has shot up during recent days since overperforming expectations set when he was named Coronavirus czar.

iii. V-2 Nazi Rocket Redux

“Vunce ze rockets are up, who cares vere zey come down
“Zats not mein department!” says Werner von Braun
—Tom Lehrer

Coupla other news reports,
not yet picked up widely here,
now state that POTUS/V-POTUS
have been working to procure/move
some German research groups to U.S.
because they are way ahead in developing
COVID vaccines: the reason Mein Trumpf
wants these units is so ONLY Americans get
shots in case our Orange I-take-no-responsibility
Insane One starts WWIII – current rumours suggest
Wherner von Braun’s kid, Margrit Cécile, leads a team.


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