91 days

By | 1 October 2020

uncertainty is a virus

we must all be prepared
art is a virus
love is a virus
the economy is a virus
America is a virus
panic is a virus essential services are a virus anyone who still has a job
is a virus we’re all in this together is a virus all Australians
are a virus the PM’s tie is awaiting results
kindness is a virus the vulnerable are a virus
condemnation is widespread emotion is a virus your friends are a virus
help is a virus the virus is running out of gloves cities are a virus
global warming is a virus acceleration is avirus the virus is adapting the virus
is learning to tweet Mel Gibson is a virus bitcoin is a virus Trump is a pandemic
resilience is a virus empty shelves are a virus singing is a virus flash mobs are a virus
hugging is a virus wear a chickenmask instead racism is a virus old age is a virus youth is a
virus invincibility is a virus the virus is obsessed with Bill Gates the virus is working around
the clock the virus is upskilling parliament is a virus tik-tok is a virus back to business
is a virus normal is a virus the virus is missing its grandparents the virus has lost track of
days memory is a virus 20seconds is a virus it is impossible to catch a virus if you always
wear a beard cruise ships are a virus dancing is a virus healing is a virus stupid is a virus the
public are a virus the people are a virus the virus ismaking the most of it the virus has never been so
clean compassion is a virus the health system is a virus my beloved sharks are a virus I’m
just waiting for the virus to take this seriously eugenics are a virus individuals were otherwise
healthy the virus has unfriended me the virus is drawing the line data is a virus conspiracy is a
virus resistance is a virus please do not comment as this virus is no longer live stress is a virus
challenge is a virus explanations are against the rules changing your clothes is against the virus
changing your mind is against the rules hesitation is a virus spitting is a virus recovery is a virus
thevirus can’t believe what is happening of all the ways the world sings to me this one stuffs its fists
in my mouth the virus is drowning the virus is looking to the future respiration is a virus mutation is
a virus behaviour isa virus time is a virus the virus is inside us the virus knows nothing has changed

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