By | 1 September 2023

skins of an eel found in gutter
reminds me of butter smells
on a bowl of rice getting us
through until payday
then it’s strawberry milks on us
a bruised man is ripping bongs at the bus stop
cockroaches in lakehaven subway made the
mum dropped the lasagne and my brother
cried in the shower
pelican itch will get you if you can’t swim
snag the motels cereal boxes
watching you cry after court
when it was hot on the bus leather seats
smelt like rotten petrol
avoid eye contact with the neighbours
throwing jim beam cans at each other
avoid the alleyways and dress for invisibility
blue bottles like the storms, storms will be
a reason for running
soggy gravy chips at the RSL, drawing on
keno cards and picking your lucky numbers
the community bus took everyone home,
my eyes searched for yours to meet.
street by street the plovers still squawked
jam on dry weetbix reminds me of
hearing you happy
finding golden keys in the loudness of a
quiet purse
every so often, violence resetting the
bus timetable the bottlebrushes the
shape of them under dry reverie and
thinking I was allergic when what I was
skimmed the sea, pulling in paddles
I was born in Gosford and when did I
develop super eyesight
we gave when we had something to give
strange men came in and out of the house
and I developed super hearing
the plovers grew swords

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