ASMR & Geekophilia

By | 1 September 2023

-with words from ASMRtist ALB in Whisperland

Whisper to me about Pokémon cards.
“Piplup, Mew.” Coo & murmur, “Noctowl,”
through my speakers at night. Crackle
the wrapper of a booster pack between
your fingertips. I want to hear its tenor-
ous opening tear, your millennium pink
fingernails tapping on a secret rare foil
of Charizard, as you say, “I’m a very
sensory person.”
Slide each card slowly
off the stack; I feel your caress on my arm,
your breath in my ear, whispering, “Look
at this one. Oh, my gosh.”
My gosh,
my gosh. When you say, “Pokémon
are a part of our life,”
a tingling down
my body. I climb into your susurrations.
“Smolive. Slowpoke, so cute. The pink
background, the sparkles.”
My head is full
of down and batting. “Cacturne, Flittle,
I’m over the moon! Snorlax, Drifloon…”

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