An EJK Nursery Rhyme, or Children at Play on the Street at Dusk

1 March 2018

Mama, mama, look at me!
Bang bang! Bang bang! Hee hee hee!
Mama, mama, peys da wall,
tangina, I kill dem all!

Papa, addict, pusher, dad!
Bang bang! Bang bang! Beri bad!
Papa, papa, nanlaban,
shoot him, shoot him, grab da son!

Mama, mama, look at me!
When I grow up will I be,
Bato-Digong-Big Hitman-
Addict-Pusher, bang bang bang!

This poem first appeared in Bloodlust. Philippine Protest Poetry (from Marcos to Duterte), edited by Alfred Yuson and Gemino Abad (Reyes Publishing, 2017).


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