Within Two Dreams Distance

By | 1 November 2019

That little bird looks just like me!

For him,
The horizons solicit him for his nest
So, he grants, dashing in his recklessness
Forgetting to take his heart
As sustenance for the long journey

As for me,
I initiate seasons with hopes
And travel tickets
Then, I return,
Overwhelmed with crying and defeat

As for him,
He trusts only in his wings when the
cloudlessness deceives him
And the calmness conspires

As for me,
When the hurricanes take me by surprise
The heavens rescue me
With the light of wisdom and clear-sightedness

Him and I are tired, hungry,
Lonely, and frightened.
The winter is just within two dreams distance

Yet, both of us are terribly wet
With grief
And rain.

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