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By | 15 September 2022
yilayi banggubuyal banggu ngaya mardin yidha ngunda they speak all country they speak our water to us yilayi gurdiny-maa made with fire, made with stone words carve like fire, like stone yilayi gurdiny-maa to sate and send gamu waalu yilayi yimba well full of words swallowed in darkness drawn in light dharri waalu words sate like water dharrimarra ganydjagamu dhugga dharri dharri-mardala yidha banggu ngiba galgara dharri-banggu a sentinel walk this page like Country yilayi made with fire, made with stone dharri ngaya mardin yidha ngunda dharrigurdiny-ma to sate and to send dharri warrawawayal
look out stoneknowledge stonemap stones our people put there dhana ngalga gurra gurra yumbarramban ngalga gamu dhanalala nganagu I will tell it again gurdiny mardin yidha ngunda a waterhole our people put there a well yama burdi, yama banggu I must tell you in circles a well living water Here, now hear/listen/think living words handful of words swallowwater drink fetch word grinding stone words put the stone down there many stone words pile them up banggubuyal there now words our people put there wordwell words for all time
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