teeth beads

By | 15 September 2022

i bought my hate a pair of earrings
the same ones i wear with my blue dress
the beads are tightly sewn and shine
along the light of my jaw
my unhung clench
she-saids packed in the space
where i floss every night
in all those pin-pricked holes
beneath tongue-shelter
releasing what both burns and heals
and used to finish the foldless
my dentist says be gentle with the break-down
i blur from watching too closely
i hear the crack of enamel
i hiss muted bile-rhymes
my decomposition of a throat
there is recession
of every white bone i never worked to grow
a shift of soundless teeth-beads
against the cave of melting ears
and with every swallowed sigh
i emerge like blown glass
my composition of a face
the earrings shine when light hits them
i hit my hate with whatever i have

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