from This Poem Book 2

By | 1 December 2014

Mounted with lexical rivets, pivots
parties of oscillate paucits

this poem is quickening its pace
adjusting its race

writing bare-back and saddle strapped

and says
fare-thee-well ebullient ellusors
sluiced in floosy cues crimped
crumpers frumpy lumpen in a ramped-up
rumba boombox

of pushed property, apéritifs, parodies, parties of
froto folio philio-hillbillies

and it is groping in the
proxy fraudulence of
edgy arpeggios, fingering itself
like a discordant accordion in a squatting quadrant

all volatile and frustrated
like a fun-size yodeler roadie
in a rubber suit

all deviant and distorted and crammed with punkspew
spam panoramically rammed with hardcore caveats
like a reluctant carnival

crawling with prodigality

and it is garnishing its aegis,
collaging its pages, waging

in rended ends, upended
lends, inset with

petite pot-shot plotted naughty spotifiers
in whisky thicket and agon
of egged-on add-ons

oh this poem is
dressed for a poppy bonbon
a hey dolly heyday

but for all its spectroscopic gaiety
it’s just a heteoflexible
savoir-faire thee-well of abbatoir avatars
caveat have-nots

ghostly hostesses, hospice auspices
of fermishte foster fluster muster

and is just so on a roll

with its frictional flickers
flecks of screaming memes

montaging its ontology
ménaging its philology

of lexical proxemics
like a nymphy simplex-soaked candlyland

all asterisktaking

in the cataleptic spasm of techno-flexed flourishes
dissolute and nihilist, asemic, dyssemic and abstemious

exploding like visceral nostalgia

fraught with discarded favors
flavored percepts, surfaces, services
refigured in a
shifting ground of rewound

and is so unfollowing you

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