1 December 2014

I pull back the curtains. A parking lot. In the distance, a camel wanders. The sky is
nearly white with clouds. Oil stains.

I pull back the curtains. The trees are so close together they appear to be hugging.
Caterpillars dangle between them. The colours smudge and blur, like watercolours.

I pull back the curtains. A perfectly groomed lawn with a folding chair in the centre.
A child with Peter Ustinov’s head sits completely still. A lawnmower passes from one
side of the lawn to the other.

I pull back the curtains. Another lawn. Green, but speckled with yellow dandelions. A
rippling breeze.

I pull back the curtains. A conveyor belt carries dolls’ heads from right to left.
When the heads reach the end, they fall off the belt, into a pile on the floor.

I pull back the curtains. They pull themselves closed again.

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