A song in the context of its album

By | 1 December 2014

soon to be simply discs or tracks
not dropped like stitches nor
ushered by storks, not
pre-approved for mortgages
nor credit limits pushed
just within reach of some
golden sunset over what-
ever lush green hill waits

soon to be simply vinyl or tape
not appearing like magic,
nor jutting like so many
mountains through crust
over millennia, not rising
as temperatures, nor
advancing as armies, nor
swarming with all these
dead bees, nor falling
like reddish-orange leaves
after summer rolls on

soon to be simply laserdisc or mp3
not reigning down through
history like a monarch’s line,
nor splitting the heavens like
thunderous applause, not
angling for advantage over
the other anglers, nor
simply advertising success
in tidy couplets meant to
encourage a belief in an
orderly universe within
which rebelliousness
sells cheeseburgers

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