37 Look at Heaven

By | 1 December 2014

Teenagers trying on
second-hand clothes-karma
discovering music from
the acid 70’s
books from the reefer 50’s
Busking in the streets
ragamuffin yodeling mountain music
after being raised on top 40 radio
Dharma karma bums
masturbating in the flower power shower
giving quarters to homeless hobos
teenagers in from the suburbs
trying bohemian east-side karma on for size
Most remember
to be a teenager
with big eyes
& a man who knows real rain
& sadness flushes
with the rest of the shit.
Never forget early lessons of rugged broke ass, bad breath beauty,
innocence looked good on you in Al Capone’s hat with Woodie Guthrie’s mistress
nipping at your heels as his 2nd wife, the dancer, listens to records in the dark.

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