C R Avery

C.R. Avery is a unique, raw and dynamic performer. His genius lies in many genres - blues, hip-hop, spoken word and rock and roll. He is a one-man band, but one for this generation; with the rare ability to sing poetic verse while beatboxing simultaneously while pounding the piano and adding harmonica like a plot twist. A multi-talented front man for his Legal Tender String Quartet; a crazed lead singer/harp player for his rock and roll band The Special Interest Group; a lyrical dynamo and the musical backbone of the spoken word trio Tons of Fun University.

37 Look at Heaven

Teenagers trying on second-hand clothes-karma discovering music from the acid 70’s books from the reefer 50’s Busking in the streets ragamuffin yodeling mountain music after being raised on top 40 radio Dharma karma bums masturbating in the flower power shower …

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