We: Outro

By | 1 February 2015

In the forests, we took a pecuniary interest,
reserved for them a hallowed place

in our memory. Everything must go.
We found loopholes in intractable vows,

we went round and round
like unclaimed luggage on a carrousel.

Plain speech became a pastoral:
the sound of one human voice

speaking to another replaced
by many voices all talking at once.

Yea, though we drove though the valley
of the shadow, the airbrushed faces

on the billboards, they smiled upon us,
and we feared no evil but the evil inside.

It was difficult to distinguish between
the things we loved and said we loved.

Outside was a world of hurt,
but we had brilliant toys and headphones

to cancel the noise. We saw with belated clarity
that we were enrolled in a crash course,

and that everything was on the final exam.
It came as quite a shock. How gone?

Real gone. All our gift cards unredeemed.

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