By | 1 February 2015

the gutters are slick with moss
a bunch of tulip bulbs lies discarded in the yard,
with roots tangled like hair in a drain
and dad’s let the jasmine grow absolutely mental this year.

returning to my childhood, home i find
pyjamas starched, at least two sizes ago,
a deflated football, smelling of wet and ants.
the Wild Bouquet Air Wick muscles its way into my nostrils
and the walls remain standing, but they’re shaky on their pins,
like they’ve had one too many,
and sway like the fish line string
of a marionette puppet.

I collapse dully onto the bed of my dead brother
and the unslept sheets send up a plume of dust,
like a cloud, or an embrace.

open the window begging to be warmed by a light that isn’t there –
it rains.

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