Where you belong

By | 1 May 2020

You can squat in this room if you don’t say a word,
you can stay in this town if you pay for a room,
you can go on this train if it’s off-peak,
you can speak your mind if you change your look,
you can have your chance if you don’t expect luck,
you can be in the group if you get enough likes,
you can live with family if you toe the line,
you can keep your children if we countersign,
you can enter this church if you quote the book,
you can open the book if you close your mind,
you can save our time if you follow the rules,
you can play a role if you buy the mask,
you can take on the task if no-one else wants it,
you can ask the question if you never offend,
you can belong but only if you don’t stay too long,
you can end it now or start over again,
you can follow the signs but never turn back,
you can see you have run out of time and years,
you can leave in tears or you can go with a laugh,
you can take your clothes but leave your shoes and
your attitude behind, it does you no favours, and
you can do us a favour, don’t change your mind.

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