Answers Taken from HIV Questionnaires

By | 1 May 2020

1. There’s too much love
2. Spreading in him
3. I let him in because he was afraid of me
4. When I accidentally cut myself I screamed
at the sight of my own blood, alive
on the sink
5. He was white when he told me in a Japanese hotel.
6. Gay cancer dancer
7. Bitter when it goes down and heavy
8. Fainted on train platform first.
9. in the bathroom with music
10. moth eaten mouth leaden
11. She didn’t know her father was the needle
12. N/A
13. He cut my hair in a style that could last a year
14. around the corner, a mall with close
15. Will die from complications of –
never as simple as tuberculosis
16. The doctor is very handsome
17. hate him hate him hate him!!!
18. Levitating over me
19. My body will drown my body with my body
20. Mother thinks he’s still fat
21. hurts even the second time
22. He hugged me on the inside

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