By | 16 August 2019

book a space by the river––not
too close
to the tangle weed friend
dive for hours in the most

severely dimpled wells these
tender fingers
tease fret from air
throw clay from their whole like…

an instinctual animal
the fern creek? the bare ridge
on top of the world
the non
descript corner the dotted silk
in their green eyes’ dell?

stars shimmering out of a
wracking mile
like a book-come-alive
the moons––bouncing at the back

our corn popped out
and flew in the…
everywhere we took a bite
twenty years later
grasp its wafer
of threadbare mesh

and in she rocks
a soft-grey cloud
mirrored bright in a river
a shiver––mute
elated with flesh

you don’t get that often they all do

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