By | 16 August 2019
“On the downside, we have so many unnecessary deaths…”
President M. Buhari, 25/12/2018.


you could mount the monster, Eiffel-style
wrestle it to the asphalt
crack your cranium!
you know no restraint being
the bairn of your father, the moon of her
dark eyes;
fractured, you are flown into an elfdom
where elves of enchanted songs with
magicked fingers, would for the right price,
patch up puerile puissance;
in the meantime
they continue to river unremarked
the lethal blacktops veining this land
much menaced, the arterial spurts of votaries
commoners haplessly propitiating the
implacable gods of the roads we ply daily.


you shall be sheltered
having climbed into their hallowed rank
on bloodied steeples
mindless, of course, of the treacly cherry puddles
you would do a tap dance, really a victory dance
slipping, you would snap your neck!
why should you regret?!
what does it matter when your vulturine
friends, oligarchs in the chamber red, only
have to dig in the popular till
off you go then on medical charter
in the pens in your backyard
mothers expire in childbirth
babies post partum…

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