zipper fax

By | 1 May 2018

not master of my house, but light sitting
on a secret density, while some part of it
is female, suffers this red temperature
to continue—

ginger as a formation incident
i think i want to be known?
i think i am not a moral object

tho such was the thing that gave me my outsides
let me drift across the theatre like its curtains

the day comes unspooled from somewhere on the left
drifts across the scene like disconsolate ash

would you say i was naked were it not for these scraps

please only know my illumined parts
this is what the picture asks
dropping like a used pale flower

i am writing the shape of that same slow message
writing its circles around the drain

like there is a fantasy there, and i want to go in
it picked up the look of a door
picked the lock on the semblance
chose me to love it insatiably, so i do

i am everywhere low
low and clean, form and totally
content with that

user, i am content
with the effigy situation
and the hazard of its useful arms

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