Letters to Accompany Four Movements for Two Pianos

By | 1 May 2018

dear mr glass,
do you wish
for there to be people at the pianos, or are you comfortable
with the two pianos being alone together?

dear mr glass,
please write a composition for three hands,
as i have lost my fourth one
in an auto accident

dear mr glass,
the pianos have had an argument
and one of them has gone out of tune.
do you mind terribly if they face away from each other during the performance
so as to avoid further unpleasantness?

dear mr glass,
the four-handed pianist is requesting two cups of coffee (black)
and a piano with six pedals
as well as a cushion for the bench

dear mr glass,
the third movement is also requesting a coffee (black)
but we are concerned
that it has had enough caffeine already

dear mr glass,
the eight-handed pianist is here again. would you like me to direct him
to a more recent composition

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