By | 4 May 2016

The oranges I buy
from the grocery
store are okay
if a bit over-priced.

Their skin is
They taste like
an orange,
have an orange’s
large roundness.

If someone asked you
to think of a fruit
that is orange,
one of these would roll
into your head.
Adjective and noun
in one pithy ball.

But they don’t compare
to the oranges
I bought from
the roadside
on my way to the farm
that time.
They were small
and ugly
but so delicious.

I ate them and now
I can’t un-eat them.

The delectable memory
quietly undermining
every piece of fruit
I eat, mocking
my weekly trips
to the store
the careful way
I load my trolley.

Making me wonder
if there is something
more right, more real
just out of reach.

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