By | 15 May 2023

Molim te.
Daj mi kisele jabuke i limun.
There is something to be said here
about deity in burning sugar. Violet flame against
steel to sweeten. And if hours were to still
within the tiled room, how easy is it
to break a day with screaming crickets calling
from behind each turning step. Am I wrong to watch
your bloated hands struggle against the hilt as the
blade cuts through flesh. Sada gledaj dok
Should we watch those hands meet and
part like a moving flock visit us throughout the year
we would not move past November. There is a dream
and in it I will not move away from here. I will not leave this place
from your left and we will watch the apples
soften in the pot together. Walnuts will fall into the flame
and there will be no more pot. There are no more apples. There are only
walnuts catching fire and we will watch. If the smoke rises
above us to tell secrets you will wave it away. You will say
ne mogu slušat bezvesnje stvari and I will not wonder if the flames
are too high. We are dry now there is no wet left on
my cheek and you say gledaj so I do. It does not need to catch us
because we do not hide and you say uzmi so it does. The walnuts
are on fire. The kitchen is on fire. The crickets
are on fire.
November is on fire.
We are
on fire.

dust to dust.

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