And here, now, again

By | 15 May 2023

And here, now, again,
we fall as quick and deep and sure as ever
dive into the rush of it,
and settle to swim with the current
let my body dash against rock
and crumble
if that is the fate of it
or come up breathless
in the air of a new world
the sunlight at new angles
leaves, dappled in unknown dews
and you
endlessly soft
and demanding
I crawl through dusk to kneel at your feet
proffer chains
to possess and be possessed by
to be dispossessed of.

no gods
no masters

except this worship freely given
this trust laid bare placed into your
unexplored hand explore me
show me the edges of myself

run along the lines of desire,

coax from me all royal arrogance
that you may offer such gifts back,

I learn to give pain
without injury
to trust my own hands and your words
and our bodies
taking each other to edge of the edge of the edge
of a new day

to you
to you

I would give myself freely and take without fear
if you will give

you, who I see in persistent sun
rising and rising and rising again,
celebrating mortal magic,
magic as ours to tap and share
a beacon to disciples in your ways of
wild/wise/queer/sexy/healing power,

oh! you
how I’d run for you

oh! you
how we’d
be living our lives
in infinite dancing
with laughter flowering
through our teeth

and you!

how you’ve learned to love
before anyone taught to teach you

seeking every scrap meaning
to offer to community
to connection
to art, magic and myth

I come to you with nothing by a mind and body
and hope for nothing but a glimpse
of the worlds you hold
of the thousand kinds of joy in your fingers

oh you,
I love how you love

oh, there is no world in which I would not
love you

no Earth great enough to pull us apart,
no city so small
we could not change it,

take my hand,
we are transformed

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