Accretion Farming

By | 15 May 2023

New Year waves make landfall along the coast
And among the oohs and aahs
From onlookers, it becomes apparent
How many things are made by beating.

Those smooth rocks the kids all
Slip down like slides, are only possible
Because the sea beat the edges
Off them. They were once sharp

Enough to cut glass but
Thousands of years of violence
Will take that from you, no worries there.
Even the cliffs we all perch on

And the mountains high overhead
Wouldn’t be here without some
Malevolence, some angry force that once
Struck the borders of the country

Until they were shaped more appropriately.
It stunned a lot of people at first, to learn
That the world was made the same way;
That great objects beat together

In space, produced all of us.
Perhaps it’s not such a surprise then that
We take to it with such ease. As natural
As sea water down a flat stone.

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