By | 1 May 2021

– from Look at This Blue

Joshua Trees of the first vandalized during
shutdown, national park defunding

1,200 square miles at risk
high desert, 45 might as well have burned it all
rangy succulent majesty
said to straddle Mohave and Colorado Deserts,
incoming spray-painting rocks,
smiley face, THE 419, three underscores
felling Joshuas to make off-roading roads,
so they could drive into sensitive areas
where vehicles are banned”

by 2100 Climate Change rising temperatures
may take it all, they’re hurrying along.
People climbed the massive junipers to break
branches for prohibited fires, it’s welcome shade now gone.

“there is no Plan B for our national parks” – Rand Abbott

“Donald Trump is literally destroying America.” – Bill Prady tweeted

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