Glasses of Water

By | 2 February 2001

from The Invention of Everyday Life

The concerto on the record player stops. Marina is now
dreaming of a trip she took to Milan with an
orchestra — the long walk out of the city into the
villages and fields. She is dreaming of that place. She is
looking for her arm. There are stones, fallen leaves on
the ground. It is not there, she cannot find it. She is
gone for weeks. The orchestra returns home without
her. She never leaves Prague again except to
come to this new place where her sister lives.

To leave her beloved city … Could she not survive
without her sister? Or is it her sister who could not live
without her? Each day Anna walks the few blocks to
Marina’s studio bringing her lunch: hard-boiled eggs,
bread, onions, cheese. She has begun to photograph
these in different lights. And glasses of water.

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