Dreams of a Mechanical Man

By | 2 February 2001

— an excerpt from a longer poem

And on the seventh day
Deano plays with his own cars
his fleet of BMWs
and the yellow Porsche.
Cars are his passion
his life.
There is no wife
to cause trouble
be jealous
resent the time
the money
the effort
that goes into the business
into exotic machinery
(and their owners).

On his way to sleep
his subconscious briefly
wonders about some clients
Some female clients
Some married female clients.
He idles for a moment
on female bodies
female parts
and considers
that there must be time
should be time
for other pleasures of the flesh.
Thus Deano’s dreams
become a rambling mess
of Jaguar bonnets
and heaving breasts,
naked flesh
and Mercedes upholstery,
pouting lips
and Carrerra Porsches:
throbbing engines
turbo engines
V12 engines
blonde hair
and ice blue eyes.

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