By | 1 July 1998

let’s just drive she said balmy night wanna do it outside outside the attack of air unconditioned risk of suspicious eyes no walls to inhibit c’mon we ’re young decadent shameless remember no strings attached fine whatever just get inside me outside Brighton beach beautiful yes flickering amber lights fishermen patient watching stilled waters low murmur of ethnic radio heavy rocks contrast to white yachts with poncy white upper middle class names yes isn’t it nice hand in hand like every other couple on the pier winding like the scream but I or we want a fuck and this isn’t it god too cold wet scratchy sandy exposed no blanket you wanted it like this he accused deal with it I want my sheets pristine no sand in my jocks bloody wuss fine let’s just drive I don’t know where any where drive no not in the car such a cliché cop out where’s the adventure in that outside Turner’s elements sublime no awkward adolescent rockin in the back seat I’m not scared dare you god it’s getting late maybe we should give up no I want to do it now only young once remember wanna be like Dorian Gray exquisite sensations now don’t care about consequences don’t care no just drive Gen X who knows where the spot is where x marks the spot directionless artistes you and me we’re both bloody fruits Guavas to be precise Grown Up and Vaguely Ambitious hey what about here under the West Gate Bridge a grassy knoll cars speeding above us what a vantage point lights golden arch across the sky brighter than stars hail civilisation how surreal like a bloody arty-farty flick in pretentious boutique cinema past midnight now past one fuck the glass slipper I’m no Cinderella you’re no prince but that’s okay who wants happy ever after any way just the moment presentness now postponed future love & lust what’s the deal don’t analyse it we’re so different I’m an Austen girl girly swot you’re a laid back cyberboy no matter who cares polars do connect will connect just get inside me outside.


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