By | 2 February 2001

these are the mad journeys
that I would like to get out
of the way

a short note from my dead mother reminding me
not to urinate like a dog

the platform at Richmond Station without train
and in-between delays

seaweed in a brown plastic bag

potato cakes MADE IN TUNISIA & other
beautiful maps

the yellow tablecloth and a birthday twice a year
and caravan holiday

building a nebulous tin-shed on the hill of a

an original text

ignoring the messenger bird & citizen fish

masturbating into my 4th journal, later finding
the kitchen of this religion

standing back like a history for people with no

watching journalism in TV

hiding b/w two seperate rooms

the unwrapped clubfoot and this beautiful
abattoir of mind

losing my father’s sadness to the taxman

swimming beyond the gorgeous detours of flesh
and finding an empty bottle of Pepsi

the maintenance of petroleum islands

a dead September sea

and 46 other questions.

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