By | 2 February 2001

I grin when I see you Dealerboy
When we were both on Big Wheel you
were swing and broke me first You
tapped my arm not my shoulder I
felt your hand through my shirt When
you said the winner you looked right
at me so I heard you clear I
knew then that I did what you did and no one
does it but us You
had to go see the Pit Boss They
said you’re forever in the shit You
don’t wear your armbands unless they make you Mine
are silver but should be black You
said they’ve played this song seven times when
you’re near to me / my head goes round and round / my knees are
shaking baby / my heart beats like a drum the one
song I play on guitar Michelle
taught me when I slept with her I
grin when I see you Dealerboy
I want to make you grin back

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