Did the Mob Kill Marilyn?

By | 2 February 2001

Did the Mob kill Marilyn coz she was sleeping with the Mob or going all the way with
      JFK and other Kennedy members
did the CIA perpetuate a lie spread by the FBI that she was a
commie spy who blackmailed JFK’s little brother Bob Hobnobbing
with the Mob and certain molls on the grassy knoll covered in the
bones of Oliver Stone
was she slipped a suppository by Jackie O or was it Castro up the Gastro
or in the gob by the Mob in the motorcade as Lee Harvey Nixon
went shopping in the arcade before topping Martin Luther Presley
who was decorated by President Dimaggio for bravery in the face
of fast food as Aristotle Heffner Hughes terminated Howdy Doody
with extreme prejudice.
It’s just a question.

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